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get bargains. so, we have the secrets to getting the hottest gifts, at the best prices, right now. cease-fire. cheering in the streets of the middle east, after a week of intense fighting. more than 100 people killed. both sides claiming victory. but will it last? and a mother's heartbreak. kelly preston, speaking out for the first time about her son, jett. >> he was autistic. and he had seizures. >> how she thinks jett contracted the disorder. and what she thinks other parents can do to prevent them. and it's time to talk turkey. our holiday dinner dream team is standing by for thanksgiving 911. everything you need to know to make today's feast tastier and easier than ever.
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and a good thursday morning to all of you. happy thanksgiving to all of us. thanks so much for joining us today and spending a little time with us on this holiday morning. robin, of course, on the mend. and, robin, as always, we give thanks for you, each and every day. george and lara, also home with their families. so glad to have elizabeth vargas. bianna golodryga, here with me this morning. >> yes, we have our turkeys already in the oven. we thought we would pass by times square. >> for a couple hours. >> give you some tips how to prepare a feast. >> if you saw last year's show, i need them. >> sam champion and ginger zee are on parades this morning. sam is in philadelphia. hey, sam. at the 93rd annual thanksgiving day parade. >> good morning. >> he's already on the float. >> that's great. >> and ginger zee is at the legendary macy's thanksgiving day parade, right here in new york. hey, ginger. millions of people, on my way in this morning, i saw little kids wrapped in blankets, lining the parade routes, hoping to catch a
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glimpse of the famous floats and balloons. they blew them up last night outside of the museum of natural history. i sent my boys to watch. they were underwhelmed. >> they were standing by people my height. i apologize for that. and lessons from our dear robin's journey. her bone marrow transplant has inspired so many people. 56,000 people have become bone marrow donors, giving the most precious gift, the gift of life. always great to see her. >> and what an impact she's having, even in her absence right now. we know you're about to start cooking your feast. we have last-minute tips for you, from cutting the turkey, to adding some dips to the favorites you might be serving, on the side. we have your favorite 911, with sara moulton, there at the turkey, ready. and trust me, people call hotlines all day. asking, what do i do? >> for help. as long as i don't have to call
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911 today. >> please, don't cut yourself. first, bianna golodryga, the top stories developing at this hour. good morning. >> happy thanksgiving to you both. happy thanksgiving to everyone at home. we begin in the middle east, where you could say they're back from the pribrink. the israelis and palestinians have marched back from their all-out war. peace brokered by egypt's president and secretary of state hillary clinton appears to be holding. but will it last? alex marquardt is in gaza city with the latest. good morning, alex. >> reporter: for the first time since israel launched its operation a week ago, there's been no sounds of rockets taking off or landing this morning. for the time being, there's quiet in israel and gaza. here in gaza, hamas and its supporters are so confident they struck a decisive blow against israel, today has been declared a national holiday. jubilation in gaza, as the cease-fire was announced. people poured into the streets,
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waving the green hamas flag. firing guns in celebration. this morning, workers began to shovel up the debris. traffic clogged the streets. and stores opened up. >> now, they feel it was a war. and a real war. and what pain the palestinians feel when a bomb is coming to kill our children, our people and our house. >> reporter: it's a truce that cost around 170 lives. israeli and palestinian. and on both sides, few think it can last. >> cease-fire is the period of time between the wars. and in the middle east, we have to face reality. >> reporter: in some respects, getting the fighting to stop was the easy part. now, the sides have to sit down at the table and agree on the terms to keep the peace between hamas and israel. and without concessions by both sides, this could easily escalate again soon. bianna? >> alex, our thanks to you. alex marquardt, reporting live from gaza. also this morning, u.n. ambassador susan rice is
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breaking her silence about comments she made after the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. rice has been criticized for saying a mob was behind the attack, and said terrorists possibly linked to al qaeda. rice says the erroneous information was pass on early intelligence assessments, made on good faith. and that attacks from her critics have been, quote, unfounded. jesse jackson jr. is resigning after nearly 17 years in congress. he easily won re-election this month, despite his one-month-long hospitalization for bipolar disorder. he is also under investigation for possible misuse of campaign funds. in his resignation letter, jackson cited his health and acknowledged making mistakes. and police in new york city believe they have captured a serial killer who had shopkeepers on-edge and was ready to kill again. this salesman carrying a beautiful bag murdered three
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brooklyn store owners since july. they say they found the murder weapon, a rifle, in that duffel bag. the victims were all middle eastern. but police have yet to discuss a motive. new details about that explosion that tore apart a neighborhood in indianapolis this month, killing two people. authorities say at least 29 homes will have to be demolished. they're too damaged to be rebuilt. investigators believe the explosion was intentionally set and caused by natural gas. but they have not made any arrests yet. and finally, someone out there could be in store for a very happy holiday season. appears that no one hit all six numbers in last night's powerball lottery drawing. that means the jackpot for saturday's drawing will be, get this, an estimated 325 million bucks. josh, did you win? >> i did not win. >> i'll take one of those. >> our stage manager, scottie, is out distributing tickets. >> the losers. >> we'll let you know. >> you never know. >> oh.
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>> thanksgiving. sorry, buddy. had to come back into work. >> thank you, bianna. >> thanks, everybody. all right. now, sam, on his way to parts south and parts warm, as everybody gets ready to head out for thanksgiving. what are we looking at, buddy, down there in philadelphia? >> it is gorgeous. good morning, josh. good morning, elizabeth. bianna, i heard you just a moment ago. we're standing here in philadelphia, by the way. this is the longest-running thanksgiving day parade. and what other morning show could you snuggle into and get two parades for the price of one? we also have the macy's parade in new york. remember yesterday, we were talking about fog problems around the chicago area. i have one picture you won't believe. look at what chicago looked like blanketed in fog. you can just see the top of the buildings in that picture there. that's all the fog beneath it. that's what caused the travel problems and the airplane delays. now, look at ann arbor, michigan, this morning. and that fog continues but moves a little.
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detroit is at zero miles visibility. indianapolis has four miles. all the way to memphis and tupelo this morning. quick look at the big thanksgiving map, though. we'll show you that most of the country is going to have spectacular weather. there will even be some record highs. we'll talk about that more in weather. as we said, we're getting ready. we have a cast of characters lined up. a thanksgiving day parade float behind us. we'll show you everything in philadelphia. guess who is in new york. no one else than our ginger zee, who is standing on the front line of the macy's thanksgiving day parade. >> it's extreme parade edition. my first macy's day parade. i could not be more excited. i'm on 1 of the 28 floats. chris isaak will be standing here, later, singing. not like me. you have hello kitty, second edition. that's 1 of the 16 giant balloons. i asked because how much helium was in there. it would take 8,000 to 9,000 party balloons to get that together. not only will we have a ton of fun to get the floats and balloons up.
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we'll have a lot of entertainment coming in. carly rae jepsen, the wanted, and 800 plums. 16,000 cheerleaders and a lot of confetti in your face. i'll show you a sneak peek into the macy's parade. 86, can't believe it. let's head back to the studio. >> all right, ginger. thank you so much. and now, to that other big thanksgiving tradition, shopping. you don't have to wait until tomorrow to hit those big door-buster sales. thursday, as we've said, is the new black friday, with so many stores now opening earlier than ever to compete for your holiday dollars. abc's john schriffen is with us from kmart in the bronx. good morning to you, john. >> reporter: elizabeth, good morning. this kmart opened just a little over an hour ago. there's already people in line. but get this. there are hundreds of people upstairs crammed in the electronics department, all trying to get their hands on this. a 32-inch tv, normally $299. today, only 97 bucks.
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unfortunately, this tv already sold out. but today, there's plenty of other deals out there. it's thanksgiving. and it's on. >> just start to get pumped up. you know, 20 minutes before those gates open. >> reporter: the traditional black friday shopping bargains are now being gobbled up by door-busting deals starting this morning, for gray thursday. kmart already opened their doors. and other major retailers like toys "r" us, walmart and sears, are right behind them, starting their parties at 8:00 p.m. target, an hour later at 9:00. >> the day after thanksgiving, black friday, when the stores go into the block. when they make all their money. that's not true anymore. >> reporter: some of the most determined shoppers have been lining up for days. sleeping in tents since last weekend, all trying to get a turkey leg up on their fellow bargain-hunters. >> i beat my competition. they pulled up around 3:00. we were already here. >> reporter: last year, some
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sale-seekers were too excited. and turned holiday shopping into a contact sport. this year, stores are beefing up security. best buy employees even participated in training drills. to handle the large crowds. what are the hottest items expected to fly off the shelves today? sears is slashing 1,000 bucks off this kenmore, refrigerator. as for flat-screen tvs, walmart has knocked $200 off a 46-inch samsung l.e.d. and if all this running around today had you rundown, rest up. black friday officially kicks off at midnight. at best buy, sports authority, and macy's. not everyone is excited about having to shop on thursday. that's because today -- that's because walmart employees are planning to strike, upset about having to work today. and also demanding higher pay. but walmart says it should not affect shoppers' experience.
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if anyone out there is wondering about the last tv, unfortunately, it is already claimed. elizabeth? >> already? all right. thank you so much, john. and to find out where you can find all the best black friday and cyber monday deals, go to on yahoo! actually, it's not black friday and cyber monday. it's called power week shopping. let's discuss that. that is the question. do you have to give up your holiday to go fight those crowds to get the big deals? there's such great deals online these days. why battle those crowds and go to the stores? joining us, now, from minneapolis, the president of best buy online, scott dorschlag. thanks for joining us. you're the president of best buy online. so, why shouldn't we just have our turkey dinner and just move to the computer and do all the shopping we just heard john tell us about? >> well, you know, really high-tech requires high-touch,
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josh. you can browse online. do your shopping in the morning. have your turkey in the afternoon. line up your day for going into the stores on friday. and hit the stores early and get the best of both the online and offline deals. it's really brick and clay. it's not bricks and clay. >> are things like black friday, are they tent poles for you? are they things you focus upon? >> absolutely. thanks giving is our biggest day online, actually, of the year. and cyber monday follows after it. and for us, we're actually doing our cyber monday deals on sunday. so, it's kind of both days. and then, we're following it up through the week. this is power week that we kicked off monday, with a big event for our best customers. and then, next week is cyber week. it's kind of two weeks of shopping heaven for consumers. >> and quickly, we've seen social media impact everything. how is it impacting the holiday shopping season? >> it's really interesting. there's a lot of sort of social media sites.
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you know, the twittersphere. as soon as hot deals come on, they get tweeted around or it hits the blogs. and the traffic just floods. you get peaks within minutes. when we put up a hot deal, like we're doing an amazing deal on a 55-inch samsung l.e.d. tv right now. as soon as we put it up, literally, within a minute, we had a flood of traffic come in because it was tweeted out right away by some of the sites. >> 'tis the season of bricks and clay. scott durchslag, we appreciate the time this morning. happy thanksgiving to you. >> thank you. people are on the road, flying, taking trains, whatever. if you are flying today, you could be in for holiday travel headaches. but there's a new airplane that could make your flight a lot smoother. the boeing 787, offers better air and mood lighting on flights. jim avila has the details on the flight of the future. >> reporter: the swoop-winged
7:15 am
plastic composite plane that's changing aviation, has finally reached domestic routes this holiday season. >> this is generational progress in aviation. >> reporter: the boeing 787 dreamliner is a hot seller. it's carbon fiber, rather than metal fuselage, gives it lighter weight, allowing it to fly farther on less fuel. 800 have been sold worldwide. but united is the first domestic carrier. >> it's smooth. it's quiet. it's got great lighting. >> reporter: what's the fuss? "good morning america" visited the boeing assembly plant outside seattle. >> you see the landing gear now. >> reporter: took the controls in a flight simulator in houston, where united pilots train to fly the 787. >> perfect. hold it right there. >> reporter: that was a firm landing. >> it was good. a wet runway in the right city. so, we're good. >> reporter: and joined a test flight over the midwest to see for ourselves. the airlines are buying these because they're cheaper to fly, more efficient.
7:16 am
but they're going to sell you on creature comforts, like the air itself. there's more oxygen on this plane. it's cleaner and less dry. and they have huge storage bins, too. you can fit four suitcases in here. the plastic body is stronger than metal. so, the air pressure inside can be kept at the equivalent of 6,000 feet. instead of 8,000 or 9,000 in most jets. that leads to higher humidity in the cabin, more comfort, andless dry skin. the windows are larger. the entrance has more space. incorrect multicolored lighting makes for a calmer feeling onboard. >> helps create a sense of spaciousness above. >> reporter: a new generation of planes, designed to fly longer, cheaper and with style. for "good morning america," jim avila, abc news, seattle. >> thank you, jim. of course, we're counting down to thanksgiving dinner. i know that many of you out there, about to start cooking. and for those of us who will not be, thank you so much for your
7:17 am
service today. >> you're not. >> we're going to have tips and recipes throughout the show. and to jump-start it all, "gma" food editor, sara moulton. >> it's not even 7:30 in the morning. but we can start taking steps for the cooking. >> make the gravy now. take your sauce pan. put in your butter and your flour. make your rue. add your stock. simmer it. park it, chill it, forget about it until the turkey comes. >> won't it get lumpy? >> no. it will be fine, as long as you make it well the first time. when the turkey comes out of the oven, rest it. pour off all the fat. add the gravy to the drippings. and you can relax. one of the most stressful thing is making the gravy while everyone waits. >> elizabeth was talking about the bad luck you had with the turkey. and you never know. if nothing else, very quickly, can you give her something that can cut down the cooking time if it goes wrong, she has time to make another one? >> i'm going to show you how to
7:18 am
flatten the turkey. >> really? >> it's sort of weird looking. >> manual labor? >> you can find a big, strong guy. >> there you go. >> more of sara's tips from our thanksgiving dream team. time, now, for another look at the weather. and let's go back. my man, sam, in the middle of it all. thanksgiving day parade in philadelphia. oh, samuel. >> hey, josh. good morning, josh. good morning, everybody. you guys have turkey tips. i have a giant turkey on a float that we'll be riding in just moments in the parade in philadelphia. i'm on the may flower descendants, the philadelphia cast of characters around us for the parade. this is going to be a beautiful morning for a lot of folks in the country. let's get right to it. we'll show you what everybody's weather looks like. how about record-high temperatures for your thanksgiving day. like houston, dallas, memphis, st. louis, kansas city,
7:19 am
chicagoland. look at the colder air behind thanksgiving. in some areas, by the time you get to chicago, also new york, philly, as well. you may be warm today. but look at sunday, into the 40s. quick look at the fly-by, just to let you know the outlook, let you know what's going on around the country. and absolutely beautiful weather. and don't forget, by the way, it is the season to, every time you go into a burlington coat factory store, to drop off your gently-used coats for those who may need it.
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and coming up, how robin's journey has inspired so many people to become bone marrow donors. >> boy, do we thank you. also, holiday sales begin. ♪
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turkey? c'mon! tires don't change themselves! sears auto center black friday doorbusters start 4am friday! get a $100 award card to shop with. plus save on tires. this is sears auto center. . >> happy thanksgiving everyone i'm kristen sze. traffic back to normal on i-580 in oakland after a gun battle between two vehicles. sky 7 hd was overhead shortly after lanes were closed seminary drive and edwards last night. officers found the vehicles riddled with bullets, drivers and passengers were gone. investigators don't know if anyone was hurt. >> it is a holiday there are some things you need to know about into your commute. live shot of san jose now, earlier today, we had an accident in san jose at first and brokaw between a chp car
7:25 am
and minivan that hit the car, no injuries the driver of the van left and this was on the vta tracks it is gone now, good news for san jose folks. live shot san jose julian off-ramp, cones getting ready to be set up for the turkey trot, expect delays around the hp pavillion. meteorologist mike night
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welcome back. 30s north bay half mile to quarter mile visibility in napa because of the fog. rest of us starting in the 40s. this
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♪ there he is. and by he, i do mean sam
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champion, getting ready to lead the gulf coast high marching band. they're in philadelphia, as we wish all of you a very happy thanksgiving. a day of gratitude. traditions like this one, thanksgiving day parades. it's sam's fifth year there, celebrating with the city of brotherly love. having a blast. >> and ginger zee is having a blast. you have sam, with the high school band. and ginger, surrounded by clowns and balloons. ginger will tell us all about it. this is a huge deal for new york. they've been blowing up these balloons -- not these balloons. enormous balloons, the size of buildings and semi trucks. >> the tale of two parades. we wish all of you a happy thanksgiving, from all of us. thanks so much for joining us. we want to say a special hello to robin. she's at home recovering. her sister, dorothy, said she is eating. that's terrific to know. george and lara, enjoying the
7:31 am
day with their families. i want to say hello to my little monkey, sarina. happy to have elizabeth vargas and bianna golodryga here. >> can we give shoutouts to all of our kids for thanksgiving. >> jake's first thanksgiving. >> my boys are probably watching -- i don't know. >> you. >> some sports show, zachary and sam. eat a good breakfast. also this morning, a look at many of the people inspired by robin's journey, who have become bone marrow donors because of her story and her inspiration. we're going to show you how they're all making differences in so many lives. and you can, too. we encourage everybody. it's never too late to become part of the registry and save someone's life. >> tens of thousands have joined and you're one-stop shopping guide. secrets you need to know to get the best holiday deals online. >> not wrestling with the crowd. >> one of the secrets, i hope
7:32 am
you've been working out. first, dramatic revelations from kelly preston, about the death of her 16-year-old son. for the first time, she was talking about the illness that jett travolta suffered. and why she thinks he passed away four years ago from a seizure. bazi kanani is here with all of the details. good morning, bazi. >> reporter: good morning, elizabeth. kelly preston has done other interviews since her son passed away. but the death was not a topic she discussed. she is deciding to speak out about it now, hoping it will be a warning to other families. kelly preston and wife of john travolta, has lived most of her life in the spotlight. but there's one thing she kept quiet about for four years. until now. >> he was autistic. and he had seizures. >> reporter: for the first time, preston is publicly acknowledging her late son, jett, had autism. she is also talking about what
7:33 am
she believes caused it. >> i strongly believe, as a mother, and as does my husband, that there are certain contributing factors that lead to autism. >> reporter: their 16-year-old son died nearly four years ago, after suffering a seizure, while the family was on vacation in the bahamas. he had come close to death one time before, as a toddler. back in 2001, john travolta told abc news, jett was hospitalized for a rare autoimmune disease, called kawasaki syndrome. >> we thought we were going to lose him. >> reporter: on wednesday's edition of the tv talk show, "the doctors," preston claims there were several factors contributing to jett's autism. her young son had been exposed to carpet cleaning chemicals. but she believes his medical problems could have started everyone earlier, in the womb. >> i had food poisoning when i was five months pregnant. that can change a lot of things in your body.
7:34 am
that's very much a toxin in your body. >> reporter: preston said she took medicines during labor. and more while breast-feeding. >> there were contributing factors, plus the kawasakis, that i believe absolutely why he had autism. and why he had seizures. >> reporter: the 50-year-old mother of two other children, is now an advocate for an organic, chemical-free lifestyle, believing her heartbreak could have been avoided. preston said her family had started to make a change to an all-organic, chemical-free lifestyle before her son died. she said it was helping him, quote, that he was coming out of autism. although, many in the medical community do not believe there are known cures to the disease. joining us, now, is senior abc contributor, dr. jennifer ashton. this is a controversial topic. but listening to kelly talk about this raises the question of, are children born with autism that develops as they get older? 2, 3, 4 years of age?
7:35 am
or is it something they contract in their life? >> and this is an exciting time in autism research because every day, we're learning more and more. we think at this point that there are multiple factors at play. in the past, people had heard, it's a genetic factor. an environmental factor. today, the current thinking is it is a combination of both. >> something an environment triggers the genetic predisposition. >> or two separate factors. the interaction will be different and the results may be different in each child. but it's how those two, the jeanetgenetic and the environme interact to predispose someone for autism. >> you heard kelly talk about how she feels the exposure of chemicals caused the autism to take hold. she had antibiotics while she was breast-feeding. and that may have been a contributing factor. i had the same condition after giving birth to my oldest son.
7:36 am
and he's fine. >> she's doing what every parent is doing. they're asking questions and looking for answers. what's particularly interesting and exciting in autism research today, is the focus on food. that falls under the environmental category. and i spoke to two leading autism researchers who agreed, the three questions being asked now in terms of research and food and the interaction, are we ingesting foods or consuming foods that contain toxins? are there nutritional deficiencies, like a folic acid deficiency? and does this disrupt the metabolism and the way the brain functions? this is going to be ongoing in research. we don't have all of the answers yet. >> if every parent could afford to feed their kids organic, chemical-free food, we all would. but it's cost-prohibitive for a lot of people. >> it is. if you're a concerned parent, you want to try to eat from the farm, not the factory.
7:37 am
read labels. do the best you can. if you have a child that's been diagnosed or on the spectrum, put together a team of experts, if you can, with yourself as the quarterback. and that will include physicians, nutritionists, developmental experts. and every parent has to do the best they can. >> jenny mccarthy, who i just interviewed recently, another one that believes diet has a major factor. >> a lot of times, food is medicine. we're going to be hearing a lot more about this. >> thanks so much, jennifer. happy thanksgiving. >> you, too. it's time, now, for the weather. let's check in with sam champion who is at philadelphia's thanksgiving day parade. hey, sam. [ cheers ] >> good morning, elizabeth. and not only are we on another new float in philadelphia, but look who i ran into. miss america 2012, laura kaeppeler. you get a chance to travel around the country and meet with a lot of people. what are some of the experiences
7:38 am
that stick out in your head? >> i traveled about 20,000 miles in a month. to see the country like i never had before. i met the president, which is was a really incredible experience. and then, i have been able to enjoy celebrations like today. what a great way to kick off the holiday season. >> we'll try to warm it up a little bit for you. >> i know. it's chilly out here. i feel bad for everyone down here. >> our ballerinas are practically wearing nothing. but we'll be moving and marching. being from wisconsin, you know what it's like to have a little cold air around. let's show folks the weather. a little snowfall in your area. we have bismarck, fargo, duluth, international falls, green bay, all coming in with a hit of snow. as you get closer to the lakes, this is a big hit of arctic air that drops into the country just as we get past thanksgiving. starting friday, that air starts to drop. quick look at the map today, around the country on your thanksgiving day. there's very few weather problems. enjoy it. there's even record-high
7:39 am
temperatures to be had on that map today. the lovely miss america 2012. beautiful day. i'm having a wonderful time. i like working on a holiday. i lo >> we are live in philadelphia. all that weather was brought to you by nutella. we'll be here all morning long. laura, we have to get you on the parade. >> yes. >> let's get back to elizabeth. elizabeth? >> sam, thanks so much. coming up, robin's journey. how she's inspiring others to give the gift of life this thanksgiving. give the gift of life this thanksgiving. don't miss it. i tell them, "come straight to the table." i say, "it's breakfast time, not playtime." "there's fruit, milk and i'm putting a little nutella on your whole-wheat toast."
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earlier this week, we heard from our very own, very dear colleague, robin roberts, who is recovering a bone marrow transplant, watching at home. throughout this journey, he has inspired so many people to become donors. on this thanksgiving morning, we look at how bone marrow transplants are giving others the most precious gift, the gift of life. the gift of life is so precious. >> oh. >> reporter: and it doesn't get any clearer than when someone, whether it's family, friend or stranger becomes a bone marrow
7:44 am
donor. we saw that firsthand here on "gma," when erica turnen, a wife and mother of two, met her bone marrow donor, university graduate christopher magun, for the first time. it's been those personal fights that inspired robin. and she shared these thoughts with her sister and donor, sally-ann. >> what do you want to come out of all of this? >> the bigger picture here is getting the word out about the need for bone marrow donors. >> reporter: and so many of you have answered the call. since robin's announcement in june, over 56,000 people have been registered online with to be potential donors. including students from her alma mater, southeastern louisiana university. >> robbins for robin. it's southeastern. your your ail malma hatter.
7:45 am
>> i like the swabbing for robin. and the football game. and it brought tears of joy to my eyes. >> reporter: we are so moved by all the stories we've heard. like siblings, will and kate bogut, who both received life-saving bone marrow transplants. >> to go out and donate bone marrow like that. >> and an connelly, who was a match for a young japanese girl who called her to say thanks. >> i love you. i love you. >> the happiest thanksgiving, dear, sweet robin. and thanks to much to everybody who signed up with send us your team robin photos on on yahoo! we'll have them for them. >> and swabben for robin. secrets to getting the best shopping deals. where to go. when to buy. and how to haggle. and kids enjoying a skype with their father. they're about to get the best
7:46 am
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here's "the play of the day." >> it is thanksgiving. and, boy, what a great day it is to be with friends and family. >> my favorite holiday. >> we want to give a special thanks to all the military personnel who can't be with their friends and family as they defend our freedoms. we want to show you one special family that got a chance to be together. take a look. dad's in afghanistan. they're skyping with him. saying hello. hero dad, thousands and thousands of miles away. take a look at what happens next. >> hi, daddy. >> daddy? >> oh, wow. >> hey, guys. >> daddy.
7:51 am
>> it's daddy. >> doesn't get better than that. >> it doesn't. happy thanksgiving, one and all. ♪ one for you. ♪ and one for me. ♪ you, you, you, you, you... ♪ and one for me. ♪ xbox for jack. ♪ sweaters for nancy. ♪ i'm blown away... i'm freaking out... ♪ ♪ deals, deals, deals! ♪ it's on, it's on, it's on, ♪ it's black friday. to practice math more? i love math!
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7:56 am
. good morning i'm kristen sze. more than 20,000 people are hitting streets now for the turkey from the, the 10k event includes a costume contest, wheelchair race and fun run. proceeds benefit second harvest and other charities. mike has forecast. 44 in san jose by the time the festivities are over at noon it will be about 57°. 30s santa rosa, napa, a lot of sun today, low to mid 60s, chilly again tonight, check out the 70s for tomorrow. various lanes in san jose blocked for that turkey trot this is the julian off-ramp of 87 north cons are out, you will be diverted. 5k in san francisco starts at 5k in san francisco starts at at&t park this morning
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
get educated. don't brush us aside and don't count us out. hear more of their stories at usoinvisiblewounds dot org. ♪ i got a feeling [ cheers and applause ]
8:00 am
♪ tonight's gonna be oh, that, it is. and what a hearty crowd joining us out there in times square. a happy thanksgiving to you all, day and night. and thank you so much for joining us today. we do appreciate you spending a little bit of your thanksgiving holiday with us here at "good morning america." as we bid you all a happy thanksgiving. especially to you, robin roberts, watching between your toes there, on the mend, as well. and in fact, robin just spent some time in the twitterverse. tweeting this. a lot of fs here. the ultimate thankful thursday. faith, family and friends, food and football. who can argue with her genius. time to reflect on our many blessings. >> we're going to push her to have a lot of food. >> indeed. indeed, we are. so, let's handle the bookkeeping. elizabeth vargas, bianna golodryga. and joining us, abc's entertainment reporter, host of
8:01 am
"on the red carpet," you know her from the weekend, rachel smith. >> you were in l.a. it was a surprisingly stress-free flight. >> it was. >> glad to hear that. sam and ginger zee are on parade duty this morning. sam is with the folks in philadelphia, getting ready to launch their parade. ginger zee is here in new york city. look at that. the big red dog. i know that. we have lots of those books at home. which float and parade entry are you near right now, ginger? >> i'm right in front of, you can see behind me, hello kitty. the balloons getting up. such an exciting time. 3.5 million people. and look colbie. ♪ i caught santa in his bathing suit ♪ ♪ trying to get away
8:02 am
he laughed so hard ♪ ♪ he could barely breathe >> one of the better singers of the 3.5 million. >> do i have to sing it? ♪ coming up on "gma" no. >> nice. come on. help the shopping. everyone has questions about finding the best deals online, in the store. we're going to get to the bottom of it, i promise you, without singing. >> i think you did really, really well. >> it's our loss. speaking of great gifts, take a look at the secret boxes out there in times square. you know who it means. tory johnson, "gma's" secret "deals and steals." >> my favorite. >> i understand there's something out there for every, single one of you. and we have the thanksgiving dream team. sara moulton, amanda freitag,
8:03 am
and sunny anderson are here to help you make your thanksgiving dinner a huge success. we're going to turn back to bianna. a look at the top, developing stories of this hour. >> the other headlines this morning. good morning, everyone at home. after eight days of deadly fighting between the israelis and palestinians in gaza, a fragile cease-fire appears to be holding. palestinians celebrated in the streets after the truce was brokered by secretary of state hillary clinton and egypt's new president. but there are concerns that without a long-term peace process in the works, the fighting could escalate again soon. while the cease-fire holds again in israel, the bloody civil war in syria rages on. 20 people have been killed after warplanes damaged a hospital in aleppo. one of the last remaining sources for medical care, for civilians who endured months of attacks by their own government. and back here at home, a scare for people flying from cape cod to the island of
8:04 am
nantucket. a large bird crashed through their plane's windshield. but the pilot stayed calm enough to make a quick turnaround and land safely. no one was hurt. and a developing story overnight. dozens of inmate at a prison in york, pennsylvania, had to be rushed to the hospital after a carbon monoxide leak. the source of the leak remains a mystery. but at this hour, we're told all of the inmates are expected to recover. and a bankruptcy judge says hostess can go out of business, of the company failed to reach a deal with striking workers. 15,000 jobs will be cut immediately. but potential buyers have already expressed interest in picking up some of the company's iconic products like twinkies and great cakes. the chef millions have come to know and love as mr. food has died. his name was art ginsberg. and he was known for his recipes and his catchphrase, ooh, it's so good. he suffered from pancreatic cancer.
8:05 am
he was 81 years old. and a huge legal victory for a former "price is right" model who lost her job after having a baby. a jury awarded brandi cochran $8.5 million. and finally, it's buzz kill bianna time on the show. before you rush to the mall tonight, listen to this. or you may not want to. "the wall street journal" found that nearly one-third of this year's most-advertised black friday deals have actually been on sale at lower prices earlier this year. >> what? >> the next half hour, i'll tell you a little something about the tooth fairy. yeah. >> you have yourself put on that moniker. we do want to say hello to our george and lara, both at home, celebrating this holiday with their families. in today, for lara, rachel smith. >> i'm so excited to be here with you guys on thanksgiving day. so, we're going to start it up
8:06 am
this morning, featuring -- get your buzzers, dingers, whatever you want to call them, bells ready. one direction has the moves like jagger. even mick jagger agrees. at the opening of "cross fire hurricane," a documentary about the rolling stones, mick jagger was asked about the new british invasion. jagger has been keeping up with the younger bands. he went to a one direction concert. he said it reminded him of the stones early concerts. he said the boy band was floating above the audience. and they really looked uncomfortable. yeah. the stones frontman says, i remember feeling that same uncomfortable feeling of being pushed around in this very weird place about 60 years ago. it was a funny moment because it was very similar to the things we've been through. >> was he being serious or facetious? >> i think he was being serious.
8:07 am
>> the stones had a lot of people in their ears. and 50 years later, the stones won. >> without a doubt. speaking of black friday there, bianna. >> yes. >> here's one more stop to add to your black friday run. this one is a deal and a treat. coming your way, courtesy of will ferrell. on november 23rd, all day, if you buy a red bull at 7-eleven, you can get a free coffee in a cup designed by will and his son, matthew. it doesn't help you just shop until you drop. the real perk -- the real perk -- come on, peeps. is that all the proceeds go to support cancer for college, an organization that helps financial aid scholarships for cancer survivors. and it's really cool, too. >> pretty wired, though. >> red bull and coffee? wow. quite the combo. watch out for the new black friday. and finally, this woman is a survivor. a champion. and now, an "essence" woman of
8:08 am
the year. that lady is our robin roberts. editor in chief, constance white, said robin was an obvious choice. the combination of extraordinary strength, professionalism and grace under pressure, has been an inspiration to the millions who watch her each morning on "gma." she says they are always picking up on robin through social media and watching our show. and they are rooting for robin, as well. and "essence" is not alone when it comes to that here. we are all rooting for you, robin. how cool is that? >> what an honor. >> congratulations, robin. >> thank you, rachel. >> thank you. >> you have a pop quiz, right? >> i almost forgot. which two iconic childhood toys are set to join the toy hall of fame. the first choice, barbie and blue. second is "star wars" action figures and dominos. or three, cabbage patch kids and twister? >> i pick three. >> we'll figure it out.
8:09 am
rachel, thank you very much. speaking of an action figure, let's get to the parade route in philadelphia. sammy, what do you have? >> i hear you, josh. good morning, everybody. we are with the lorax, we're with clifford, the big red dog. and coco jones. coco, good morning. i'm glad you have gloves on. and i'm glad you have the vest on. but it's a little chilly out here, huh? >> yes. i'm learning this now. i should have had a bunch of layers on. >> we need a big coat around you. >> yes. >> this has been an incredible year for you, by the way. what's coming up next year? >> next year, my album comes out. i have a single coming out december 4th. really soon. i just shot the music video. and after the album comes out, hopefully i can get a number one. >> of course, you will. everything else has been this year. singer, actress, rapper. everything you're doing is working out really beautifully. >> thank you very much. >> your mom is here. i saw you with her. who else is here with you today? >> just me and my mom. my brother and sister and my dad
8:10 am
are in south carolina, having a beautiful thanksgiving dinner. >> all right. you tell them to keep it warm for you for a couple of days, right? >> bring home my piece of cake. >> hang with us a little bit. we'll get to the boards and get some weather for the folks so they know what's going on today. quick look at your thanksgiving cities. a map we like to do every day. we find cities that look like their thanksgiving towns. plymouth, massachusetts, turkey, kentucky. mayflower, arkansas, celebration, florida, one of our favorite places. the southwest has the heat today. there are some records going on in the middle of the country. but that heat you have in the southwest, you have a chance to keep. l.a. all
8:11 am
>> coco just looked at me and goes, you're not warm, either. no, i'm not dressed properly, either. we are live in philadelphia. we have some floats to ride in the parade. back to rachel. >> good morning, sam. here's what's ahead on the "gma morning menu." the secrets for getting the biggest bang for your buck on black friday. in the stores or online. we have the scoop for the best shopping. more of today's bargains in "deals and steals." gifts for everyone in your family at deep discounts. and we have the answers to your turkey day emergencies. plus, simple recipes for great sides and desserts, in our thanksgiving 911.
8:12 am
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makes even your driest skin look healthier, instantly. with beautiful skin from jergens, you'll always make an entrance. jergens®. the beautiful difference. aw. >> 50 years. >> wow. >> happy anniversary. >> thanksgiving anniversary. what do you have, rachel? >> time for our answer to the pop quiz. the iconic toys set to join the toy hall of fame. "star wars" action figures and dominos. i know. i love them. >> i of course had "star wars" action figures. always the "star wars" action figures. coming up, what are we doing? answering dinner dilemmas. don't have me cooking. thanksgiving dream team, straight ahead. ♪ [ male announcer ] it's that time of year again. medicare open enrollment.
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with our 1-hour in-stock guarantee, get here between 10 and 11 and you're guaranteed to get these electronic gifts in time for christmas. the first and only place to go on black friday. walmart. all right. it's thursday morning. but you still have time to figure out how to attack your holiday shopping list this season. bianna golodryga is here with some great tips to get the best deals online and in the stores. hey, bianna. >> hey, elizabeth. step one is do you shop online in or do you go into the store? here's some good news for you. up to 80% of all of the deals in the store are available online, as well. this doesn't mean that it's supereasy for you to shop from home, either. here's what you have to do. make a list. find out all the best praises.
8:18 am
ing aa aggragate on the web. if you want to say, i just read this advertisement offering the same product at a cheaper price, most likely they will match that. that's something going going to want to have with you. proof, as well. i never heard of this. it's called showrooming. a lot of people walk around with their smartphones. they go into the store. they see items they like. might want to buy. they want to check they can get it cheaper somewhere else. here's three apps you can go to see if you can get that item for another store for a lower price. and that's a good tip you can use. this is sort of weird. you're tricking the sale. you're tricking the computer. best way to get another good deal online, is if you're waiting until the payment. when you're about to submit the credit card information, about to press send, you cancel your item. why?
8:19 am
they want you to stay with them. if you do that, they may offer you additional discounts. it's a little tricky. >> i have to cancel it? i tried this trick after hearing about it. i placed the order. and i didn't push go through. and i got a reminder e-mail. but i didn't get a deal e-mail. >> well, buzz kill bianna's back. >> buzz kill bianna. thank you. now, josh has got some more shopping tips. josh? >> all right. now to the insider tips for maximizing your shopping as black friday looms. "reader's digest" has 13 things the sales experts perhaps aren't telling you. we're going to start with becky worley. she has a few of the best secrets that store sales clerks will not reveal, at least not until now. take a look. >> reporter: ooh. the perfect gift. he'll love this. this is for me. ah, retail therapy. how i love thee.
8:20 am
but what i like even more, knowing the inside secrets to getting huge deals. you need a tactical plan to find a deal in here. when you enter, don't turn right. stores know that most people walk the floor counterclockwise. so, the most expensive stuff, front and center, on the right side. deals are in the back and generally to the left. now, once you do find a few things to try on, you shouldn't always trust these mirrors. stores don't put great lighting to give you an instant makeover and to loosen the purse strings. or in some cases, the lighting's so bad, and the mirror so close, you can't check out the caboose. so, head out and use the mirror on the floor. on to products in the showroom. you check the online prices on your phone. while the store may not promise to match online prices, many store managers will quietly
8:21 am
offer you a discount if the difference is significant. now, paying. this is when you need to be on your game. if you're buying a big-ticket item, keep the receipt. check the price in about 25 days because if it goes down, many stores will give you a refund for the difference. so, go forth, shop confidently, and never pay full price. for "good morning america," becky worley, abc news, san jose, california. >> never turn right. who knew? liz bakarello. you go into a clothing store. they're incredibly helpful. you grab a shirt and they have a tie. are they being helpful? or are they just moving product? >> we no e some sales people work on commission. some don't. but there's a little ground of
8:22 am
people who have sale goals per customer. if they meet them, they can get a promotion or a bonus. if they're really pushing the earrings, they may have a motive. >> let's say you work strange hours. i had a friend that called a store that stayed open for an hour because she was coming in with a couple friends. >> if you want special treatment, make a phone call. and for a customer, a store clerk might stay open later or earlier. >> the outlets, for a while. that was the greatest thing. if you could drive to timbuktu, you were getting great deals. is that still the case? >> outlet shopping is a blast. it's a family event. girlfriend event. but outlet stores often carry outlet-specific merchandise, which could be lower quality. you should avoid clothing, high-quality jewelry. electronics, you're often not going to get a deal.
8:23 am
make shuure it's worth the gas. >> liz vaccariello. we appreciate it. and "reader's digest" on newsstands. get yourself a copy. we have "deals and steals." a great gift you can buy online bringing us the gift ideas. these deals go superfast. go to our website,, for all the promo codes and links you need to get the bargains. they go super fast. >> they go fast. you ready to do the honors? all right. this is from personal creations. josh, we have you covered. who has you covered? this comes off. it can be an ornament. slashed in half, for "gma" viewers, 15 bucks. >> she's my little monkey. and it's a little monkey. >> imagine that.
8:24 am
i pay attention. do the honors on this one. duracell power mat. this is a backup battery that will really double the battery life on the go of your smartphone, your iphone, ipad, ipod, so many different devices. you keep it charged and in your bag. >> you plug it right in there. >> and you have an extra battery. normally $50. slashed in half. and free shipping on this one, too. are you ready? ready for tears? you're going to cry from this one, honey. we have to show them to josh. i added a little bit of my kids in there for you, too. how cute is that? these are personalized ornaments. sterling silver. necklaces and bracelets. we're going to have them done for your kids, too.
8:25 am
if i knew you would be here. this little ornament, 20 bucks. these are my kids, yeah. you upload your image. there's a bunch of different things. sterling silver necklaces and bracelets. these range from $36 to $118. these are slashed in half, starting at $18. that's $18. don't you love that? >> wow. >> you love it. okay. here we go. exactly. it's the only time he's speechless. it's hard to make that happen. it's really impossible to make that happen. our style jackets. >> these are fantastic. >> men, women, a variety of different colors. sizes small to xxl. big range. water-proof, microfleece. i love all these oohs and ahs. take that jacket. normally, these jackets, depending on what you choose, range from $179 to $199.
8:26 am
slashed by at least 69%, starting at $55. and last but not least, george, i'm glad george is not here. this is my christmas present to him. from red envelope, your dog or cat silhouette. name, code here. normally $50 to $90, slashed by 50%. >> that's amazing. tory johnson, get them while they're hot. . good morning i'm kristen sze. happy thanksgiving. volunteers at glide memorial are getting ready to serve a
8:27 am
thanksgiving dinner a half hour. glide has been doing it for decades. volunteers expect to serve more than 5,000 people today. they started breakfast at 7:00 this morning. tkpwhaoeud will distribute more than 1700 bagged lunches. st. apartment any's is also serving people in need. right now your drive should be clear. very light, 87 san jose northbound, southbound jut a few cars. julian off-ramp coned off partially for the turkey trot. various streets around the hp pavillion coned off. some of our schedules for most everybody out there, no golden gate ferries, no buses, golden gate buses will be on holiday schedule. back to normal tomorrow. we'll see how
8:28 am
8:29 am
good news fog starting to lift temperatures starting to rise low 50s half moon bay, san francisco and antioch. seasonal temperatures low to mid 60s coast, mid to upper 60s for the rest of us. tomorrow warmest day [ cheers and applause ] i think it is fair to say it's a crisp day here in times square. what a great crowd we have,
8:30 am
beginning their thanksgiving with us here. and so glad that you're spending some of your thanksgiving morning with us here, as well. good morning to all of you. and to all of you great people out here. >> yeah. >> robin, they're cheering for you. hope you're on the mend there. glad to have elizabeth vargas and bianna golodryga and rachel smith here. >> we're happy to be here. a lot of the folks i was talking to here are going to head a block away to watch the parade. the spectacular thanksgiving day parade here in new york city. there's also one in philadelphia, where sam champion is. and ginger zee, along the parade route in this city, in just a moment. they have front-row seats, the best seats for the best two parades. that's my own personal opinion. no offense to all of the lovely cities. >> the elizabeth vargas offense. >> let the hate mail begin. also this morning, special help for all of you making that big holiday dinner today. our dream team of experts, sara
8:31 am
moulton, amanda freitag and sunny anderson. >> look at them. is this a "charlie's angels" pose? >> let me tell you. we've never needed their help more. keep me away from the knives. >> on every level for you, josh. i believe we saw him getting camera-ready. let's get a check of the weather with sam, down there in philadelphia. samuel? >> hey. i'm sorry. i heard something, josh. but i wasn't sure it was go. but we're here. we're behind the scenes in philadelphia. i'm sitting here with santa claus will sit a little bit later. no jokes, please. look who i found. point that camera right down there. and all-4-one. that's tony, jamie jones, and alfred this morning. guys, how about a little "jingle bells"?
8:32 am
♪ the first noel the angels did say ♪ ♪ was to certain poor shepherds in fields as they lay ♪ >> it was a holiday song. and it's a beautiful one. we're showing you what's going on behind the scenes here at the philly parade. this is the show where you get two, two parades for one. and ginger zee is in new york at the macy's parade in new york. good morning, ginger. >> good morning, sam. the energy has come up in the last hour or so. look who is standing next to me. chris isaak. he's going to be on the float we were on earlier. and behind us, one of the oldest floats, that turkey. for thanksgiving, what do you sing? >> a traditional thanksgiving song. "great balls of fire." >> it will be a very interesting macy's day parade. you're on tour right now, right? >> we're on tour. i flew in from cincinnati last night. i flew in on the phone. i said, mom, i'm going to be on the macy's parade.
8:33 am
watch me. a long pause. and she goes, chris, do they know about this? she thinks i'm going to jump on the float or something. no. it's legitimate. >> we're looking forward to it, as are so many other people. 50 million people are watching. we're so looking forward to this beautiful day. we've had some good weather. >> 50 million and 37. i was counting. >> and 37. we have the numbers all down. right here from the best seat in the house. we'll head back over to sam. >> ginger, you said it best. the extreme team does parades, as well. let's get a little weather in case you're sitting at home this morning. you have the turkey in the oven. everybody's getting ready for the big meal of the day. how about warmth on the eastern seaboard? i'd take a little right now. but it will warm up as we get through the day. a quick look at the map today, around the country on your thanksgiving day. there are very few weather problems. enjoy it. there's even some record high
8:34 am
temperatures to be had on that map today. a beautiful day. i'm having a wonderful time. i like working on a ho all right. now, a look at odd couples in the animal kingdom. animals you normally wouldn't think would be pals are living together in harmony. loving and caring for each other. and a new show on nat geo wild, "unlikely animal friends" explores those special relationships. take a look. it's an unusual case of puppy love, swimming with the dolphins. friending a cheetah. or cuddling a bear. some dogs aren't just man's best friend. meet kate.
8:35 am
she's a great dane, originally bred for hunting big game. and this little fawn is tippen, a newborn abandoned by her mother. she was alone, hungry and vulnerable. >> she was going to die. when we picked her up, she weighed about five pounds. skin and bones. really dehydrated. i put her on the dog's bed. and that was that. >> reporter: so, what happens when a great dane and an orphan fawn crossed paths? they became best friends for life. it all started a few years ago on this farm in british colombia. kate began to care for the orphaned fawn. and a special friendship blossomed. >> she's the an amazing dog. and instantly, she took to the fawn. as if she was glad she finally had something of her own to look after. >> reporter: kate's maternal instincts kicked in, keeping a watchful eye as tippen grew up. >> i expected kate to give the deer a nice, warm body, feeling like she wasn't alone.
8:36 am
but i didn't expect this amazing relationship to develop between them. >> reporter: when tippen was nearly fullside, a nearby herd accepted her. but she never forgot the dog who helped save her life. >> one day, she appeared in the yard with her babies. she just came home with them. it was the most amazing thing to see. >> reporter: years later, tippen and kate remain the best of friends. isn't that just adorable? so heartwarming. "unlikely animal friends" premieres tomorrow on nat geo wild. coming up, our thanksgiving 911. the tips you need now, for the best thanksgiving dinner.
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
[ cheers and applause ] we're counting down to thanksgiving dinner, not too long now. and we asked you to write in to our website with your biggest questions. our experts are here to answer them. the music is an excuse for me to
8:40 am
get out the skinny mic. we welcome "gma" food editor, sara moulton. amanda freitag, and sunny anderson, host of "food in america." they're at their stations. ready to go. contestants, are you ready to play? >> yes. >> a game that doesn't really exist. and away we go. spin the wheel. and the first question is for -- how fancy are those graphics, america? sara, the first for you, manning our turkey station. what are tips to cut down on cooking time. >> one, crank up the heat. a two, roast a breast. it takes half the time. three, flatten the turkey. there you go. this takes -- took me one hour.
8:41 am
it's an eight-pound turkey. >> it looks delicious. that is correct. >> you need strong arms on it. >> as you said, sara, i should be nowhere near the turkey station. moving along. our next contestant is -- it appears we're working our way down the line. amanda, question number two for you. green bean casserole is a top search item on google, which is the most fascinating thing you'll hear all morning. a twist on a traditional green bean casserole is what? >> what i like to do is fry my own salad. instead of getting the canned onions, fry your own. it takes a few seconds. a little bit of oil. it's so unbelievably delicious. >> judges? that is correct. going back to the boards. i can't imagine who might get
8:42 am
the next question. it's sunny. what do you know? who knew, sunny? at the dessert station. the secret, sunny, to a great pie crust is what? >> so, what you want to do is make sure all of your ingredients are super, super cold. i heard of people freezing their flour before they blitz it in the food processor. or you can bar bake the it if you are worried about a soggy center, in the oven. >> i'm always concerned about a soggy center. it's amanda. a good dish to travel with if you're a guest on the road today? >> great question. >> thank you. >> i think you can pick a mac and cheese. anything that goes in a casserole dish. i chose, today, my favorite stuffing. travel with it. and i'll show you the recipe. what do you think?
8:43 am
>> that is delicious. yes. that is the correct answer. amanda has moved briefly into the lead. next up, we're back to sara. a question that keeps me up at night. should i wash my turkey? >> no. do not wash your turkey because it spreads bacteria all over your kitchen. three feet away from the sink will be bacteria. do not wash that turkey. >> okay. it might be a little late for me. but it's not too late for you. that is correct. and finally, neck and neck and neck. down to the wire we go. the next question is for -- sunny. all right, sunny. >> yes? >> it's all on the line here. >> okay. >> my oven is in use all day long. it just says that on the card. do you have a recipe that will not require baking? >> yes. i actually do. i like to make a fruit bowl.
8:44 am
it's fruit in its own syrup. you fold it into whipped cream. doesn't take baking at all. >> and looks delicious. that is correct. >> yeah. >> we're going to figure out a way to break the three-way tie. for all of you, tips and more on our website, on yahoo! and when we come back, i'm going to have to give up the skinny mic. recipes. make sure the pets are spayed and neuters, america. we'll be right back.
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:47 am
we are counting down to thanksgiving dinner. time, now, for the last-minute tips and recipes to make your meal a special one today. we're going to start with josh and sara moulton at our turkey station. keep the knives away from josh. >> those who don't learn from history are destined to repeat it. take a look at what happened one thanksgiving ago. i was trying to carve. and -- ow. >> are you okay? >> i just want to -- sarina was worried. my boo-boo is healed.
8:48 am
daddy's boo-boo is healed. >> you hang out for a second. the most important thing to do is take out the wishbone. it's down here. you use the tip of your knife. you have to work down either side of the wishbone. and then, it comes out. you can take that for your children. and then, you want to take your knife down the crease. i've already done this. this is where -- i tried to make it real simple for you, okay? but you take it down there. and you pop it up. then, you take off the whole breast. this is where i think you got into trouble. okay. so, i've taken off the whole breast. okay. now, something new i learned. let me show you quickly. people carve the turkey like this. that's with the grain. wrong. you want to go against the grain. >> i work against the grain, sara. >> pick your weapon. wait a minute. let me get you a fork. okay. how are we doing? how is he doing? he's doing great. here we go. oh. that's a beautiful one.
8:49 am
you can use the fork if you want. no? >> we're doing good. >> you did it. you got back on the horse. >> you know what's funny? i am way too excited about this. thank you. sara moulton, everybody. all right. >> and with the turkey, you need a fantastic stuffing. here we are. we can get all of the tips on our website. we're going to make stuffing together. and you say the key is cornbread. and brioche or challa bread. >> i like a mix. you don't get the bready texture in there. i love to do a mix with it. typical, saute your onions, your cele celery. i like to put the herbs in to get them going. >> what is this? >> that's sage. you can put the parsley in there, too. >> all of it? >> absolutely. lots of herbs. >> too much? >> you can't. and sage to me, is totally
8:50 am
thanksgiving. you know? right? don't we love it? >> do i put a pinch? >> just a pinch of salt. normally, a lot of the chicken stock that we're using has some sodium in it. and what's great is you toast the bread a little bit. and moisten it in the liquid. it's so easy. so easy. then, the bread just drinks up all of the moisture. the herbs and everything. >> how much bread do you want in here? is it a lot? >> we're going to use it all. you'll see what happens. you know, you can make little individual serving. which is adorable. >> how sweet. >> i love this. >> if you want to do mushrooms, can you throw it in there? >> mushrooms, vegetables. i like to keep it vegetarians. i don't do pork in mine. and this is the finished product. >> great. that's really good. i need to try it one more time.
8:51 am
it's like thanksgiving. >> the meal is not over. >> don't forget about dessert. >> right? >> saved for last. sunny, tell us about the pies. these are great. it's good to make for traveling. all pantry items. i just made a pecan crust, out of pecans or pecans. sugar, salt, flour, butter. blitz it up. put them into your minimuffin tin. par bake it. if you're worried, par bake it. 350 for about 15 minutes. and then, i make the filling. this is a nice marriage between pumpkin pie and pecan pie. right? the filling is pumpkin puree out of the can. dark corn syrup, right there. pecans all blitzed up. sugar, some eggs. and what i do is i put it right into each of them. and then, you want to top it with half of a pecan right there, right on top. it goes back into the oven for just 15 more minutes.
8:52 am
this is fast, easy, fool-proof. i'm not calling you a fool. >> i can break becpecans. it's great for a dinner party. >> it's great to travel. great for gifts. it's good warm, cold. >> sunny, amanda, sara, thank you so much. >> look at that. look what he did. >> on yahoo! to get all of these recipes. and we'll be right back with this thanksgiving feast. happy thanksgiving.
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
[ cheers and applause ] kermit the frog. we're getting ready for the macy's thanksgiving day parade here in new york. ginger's out there. thanks to her. thanks to sam, down in philadelphia. and robin, george, lara, you're all missed. have a great, great thanksgiving. and thank you. thank you to our ladies in the
8:56 am
kitchen. thanks, everybody. again, thank you for spending some time with us. we hope you enjoy your thanksgiving. for all of us here at "good morning america," have a great day. [ male announcer ] steak and lobster is on the menu at sizzler.
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a fresh-cut tri tip sirloin served with a succulent lobster tail. just $16.99. sizzler.
8:58 am
. >> happy thanksgiving, i'm kristen sze dozens are waiting in line to snag black friday
8:59 am
deals. they were camped out at the best buy early this morning that store doesn't open until midnight. wal-mart, sears and kmart plan to open 8:00 tonight. it was cold overnight. >> colder than this morning, good morning, happy thanksgiving! tule fog in the central valley otherwise a lot of sun and high clouds, low to mid 60s coast, mid to upper 60s inland and around the bay. warmer tomorrow. holiday light. turkey day 5k at a. -- a. and. park underway now. everything is light out there, happy thanksg announcer: it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, from "grey's anatomy," actress sara ramirez. plus, "once upon a time" star lana parilla. plus, "once upon a time" star lana parilla. and

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